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Kindernest Tinkershop

Heirloom Quality Custom Wooden Name Tracing Board, Montessori Inspired

Heirloom Quality Custom Wooden Name Tracing Board, Montessori Inspired

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Play is the work of the child. Make learning enticing, playful and fun with our heirloom quality custom name tracing boards. Tactile input and monochromatic attributes best help children remain engaged and retain information. Our multisensory boards can be used countless ways to foster your child's developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and linguistic acquisition. The possibilities are endless.

Our creative team consists of a Child Development Specialist, a Naturalist and a Master Carpenter. We hold each creation to the highest standard of quality and intentionality.


Each personalized name tracing board is made from pine and created in our Tinkershop at the New Jersey Shore.
We meticulously and lovingly hand sand each board to produce the baby soft, buttery smooth finish our customers melt over.
It is our highest priority to keep our products as clean, natural and ecofriendly as possible. Our boards are so soft they do not require any type of oil, varnish or sealant, they are 100% natural raw wood.

What you will get:

Endless learning and play opportunity! One heirloom quality tracing board and one four inch stylus.

***If you are interested in a double-sided board (first and last name or print and cursive), or a name tracing board gift set, please check our other Esty listings.


Please provide the correct spelling of the recipient's name with the correct capitalization. We will replicate the name exactly as you type it, spacing, punctuation, capitalization etc.


The length of each tracing board depends on the number of letters in a name. They are all 5.5 inches high and 3/4 inches thick. The stylus is 4 inches in length.

Note: While we strive to maintain continuity, due to the nature of the material, no two boards will be identical.
Intended for children ages 3+.

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